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Freezer Smoothies: The Best Make Ahead Smoothies for Lazy Mornings

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Guys, I have a new favorite thing to tell you all about – freezer smoothies. As in, make ahead smoothies that you can just whip out of the freezer, toss in your blender, and eat all in less than 5 minutes. Definitely a morning game changer for me.

Part of my current focus on improving my mental and physical health is to make sure that the first thing I eat each day is something healthy. Since I don’t typically eat my first meal until 12pm or even as late as 2pm, it can be super easy to start off with whatever snacks I have laying around or a big bowl of leftover pasta.

You know what happens then? An hour later I go from motivated and clear-handed to drowsy and ready for a nap.

Since I’ve made it a rule to start the day with something healthy, my midday slump has all but disappeared.

To make starting the day off right SUPER easy, I’ve started smoothie meal prep. Yes, I know, the whole idea of smoothies is that they’re easy to make in the morning to begin with but I’m lazy AF in the kitchen and always have ingredients going to waste so this has been a game-changer for me.

Why Smoothie Meal Prep Will Make Your Life Easier

*You can stock up on produce when it’s on sale. Some of the fruits I like in my smoothies aren’t exactly cheap here so I love being able to buy a bunch of fresh ingredients when they’re on sale.

*No need to worry about anything going to waste. Why is it that every banana or avocado seems to ripen on the exact same day? And if I stock up on berries when they’re on sale, the likelihood of me using them before they go bad is pretty low.

*You have 0 prep time in the morning. You know how much effort goes into making a make ahead smoothie? You grab a ziplock bag of ingredients from the freezer, dump it in your blender, add a liquid, and hold a button down for a few seconds. Bam. Done.

I’ve been making a lot of strawberry banana spinach smoothies with chocolate almond milk but mango season is almost here so I’m sure I’ll be switching it up soon. Sometimes I add berries, chia seeds, etc.

There are so many possibilities though, so I wanted to share some make ahead smoothie inspiration with you.

The Best Make Ahead Smoothie Recipes

Photo via A Virtual Vegan

1.) Creamy Banana Smoothie This one is loaded with delicious, healthy ingredients like walnuts, medjool dates and more. Definitely a smoothie to keep you full until lunch!

Photo via Three Little Ferns

2.) Peanut Butter & Tropical Fruit Smoothie Packs. I can’t think of any better way to start the day than by pretending I’m at the beach with some tropical fruit in this freezer smoothie pack, made with peanut butter and greek yogurt.

Photo via Homemade Lovely

3.) Banana Berry Smoothie. As simple as make ahead smoothies get but loaded with flavor!

Photo via My Food Story

4.) Frozen Strawberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie. This one makes me want to fill my freezer with frozen strawberries.

Photo via My Food Story

5.) Vegan Frozen Peach Smoothie. I’m not even close to vegan but this looks goooood.

Do you make freezer smoothie kits? What’s your favorite make ahead smoothie?