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Weekly Reflections & Goals (1)

This week has been a doozy. Or, rather, this weekend has.

I actually had a productive week and finally started to feel like myself. Client work got done ahead of schedule and I even kept to the schedule I set for myself.

So the first part of the week went pretty damn well.

Then I started to let doubt creep in. I had told myself that I would finally launch one of my niche sites this week….and then proceeded to do everything possible to procrastinate.

I finally realized it was because I was thinking too much about what other people would think since I know that a good deal of my acquaintances will end up visiting the site and I’m terrified of what they’ll think. I started doubting my ability to pull off the project, even though I know it’s a great idea that will help others…and everyone I’ve talked to about it agrees.

That doubt brought up a lot of other emotions and led to a roller-coaster of a weekend emotionally.

I also decided to give myself a “break” on Saturday and not set my alarm, which was a terrible idea as I’m just slowly getting into a morning routine of wake up, go for a swim, drink lemon water and journal, and then start my day.

Of course, because I didn’t get up at 8am on Saturday that morning routine went straight out the window and the day was pretty shitty. I spent half of it in bed, dreading the time I’d have to get up and almost bailed on my friends for a big celebration.

I didn’t let myself, thankfully, and a night out with my friends dancing ended up being exactly what I needed.

Today was okay – I (again) didn’t follow my morning routine but did have lunch and go for a walk on the beach with a friend which was nice.

The rest of the day was an anxiety-induced blur that I’ll talk more about later.

Needless to say, I am very excited for a night of solid sleep and a fresh start tomorrow morning.

Since this week was so off towards the end and I’m feeling a little off-balance, many of my goals for the upcoming week are more personal than business.

  1. Go for a swim each morning. If I learned anything this week, it’s that getting my ass out of bed and in the ocean is VITAL for starting the day off right.  The energy of the ocean is very powerful for me so to start my morning immersed in it definitely sets the course for the day.
  2. Practice Spanish on Duolingo daily. One of the things that had me upset today was my lack of progress in speaking Spanish. Becoming fluent has been on my “to do” list since high school but I always have trouble following through. Instead of setting a big goal I may not be able to keep up with, I’m just going to commit to hitting my Duolingo target each day, which usually takes ~20 minutes.
  3. Journal daily. Another thing I ran into is that my natural instinct is to hold my emotions inside, even though I know getting them on paper will help. I want to start each morning with journaling to clear my head and finish each day putting down all my thoughts and worries for the day.
  4. No alcohol. From the week before Christmas through January 4th when I was on vacation, I partied hard. And while I’ve definitely slowed it down since then, I’m still having a drink or two more days than not. I’m convinced that part of the reason I felt so much anxiety today is from drinking last night. I debated doing a sober month but have some trips coming up that I’m not ready to commit to being sober for, so I’ve decided to just commit to one week without drinking and go from there.
  5. Launch my niche site.  This week is the week. I’m going to push my doubts aside, recover some of the excitement I felt when I first started planning the site, and release my niche site to the world.

What are your goals for the week?